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Holy Busy.

This weekend has been so hectic. I have not been able to even comprehend most of it. My mind has been running off in so many different directions, and I can’t seem to catch a single one.

I finally got the courage to call one of my dear friends and talk to them about some of the things that have been causing these snowballing thoughts. That was honestly probably one of the smartest things I could have done, because I was seriously about to snap. I have decided to accept the advice given, and all I have to say is give me strength.

One of my best fiends in the whole world got married on Saturday! I am very happy for both her and her husband. It is strange to think that people are strating to get married though. One friend last week, and another this week. Is time really passing by that quickly?

I also went to the club: The Run. It is always an interesting place, with even more intersting people. I have been going there since I have been fourteen. Doesn’t seem that bad of a thing to do, but the fact that it doesn’t open till one-thirty in the morning might be a little different. It was a good time though. I went with my friend Olivia and her second cousin twice removed (???) Ben. It was a good time, despite the fact that I had to make sure no drama was started between Olivia and another individual.

I will keep updates on how the advice that I was given is going…..


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