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Hmmmmm haven’t done this in a while. A lot has been on my mind lately though.

Ah man It is August, it is so freaking weird, it seems like a couple weeks ago I was packing my things from the dorm. Now I am packing, well sort of, things from home and getting ready to move into an apartment! I am both excited and scared about this whole apartment business. YES, I am happy about what I am doing, but I am scared about the responsibility, I am kind of turning into an adult, which is weird.

I am also sad and happy to be leaving. Some new friends I have made, and some old bonds I have strengthened, and I know that I will rarely see any of them. Even more so than last year. On the bright side I am very excited to be dancing again. It will be SO great. I feel empty without it, and although I get made fun of at work for moving and dancing all the time, it seems only natural, and a part of who I am. Who can honestly deny a part of who they are?

Anyways, ranting again, I went and saw Julie and Julia, it was SO cute, but it made me SO HUNGRY after. I was already hungry to begin with, but I was starving afterward. That was a terrible but still good idea. Haha.

I have a week left of my job, and I get reminded everyday I work by the people there. It is both annoying and nice at the same time. I am sad to go, but it makes me feel good that I will be missed. That I could quite possible brighten the day of my fellow associates.

What am I going to do about money up in college? This is something that has been stressing my mind for SO long. I have come up with several ideas…each less proud than the next. Oh well….what can one honestly do. I guess I will just have to grit my teeth and bear through it.

There is still a lot on my mind, and much that must remain vague, however, all will be explained/seen in due time.

I just have to remember that I can do it.


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